to the new RPC Cash Balance system


What’s new/different?


          The biggest change is invisible in the interface – an upgraded calculation function.  Plans with 1,000 participants can now be calculated in seconds.  We don’t have a hard & fast participant limit, but the application can handle many more participants than it could before.


          Secondly, the Report page is new.  Tabs have been added to the page to separate different kinds of reports.  For more information, please see Standard Reports, Favorite Reports and Smart Projection Report  we have compiled for the new interface.



What do I do if I have a problem with it?

Two options:


1.Contact Support


b.(773) 866-2087


2.Use the old Cash Balance application by clicking this button (to the right of the button menu at the top of the page) :



Anything else?

Please send us feedback if


You find a bug

You find something confusing or too complicated

You have any suggestions.

The Feedback button is located to the right of the button menu at the top of the page:



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