How to use Batch Delete of Plans


This facility allows you to delete multiple plans based on your preferred parameters.



To Batch Delete of Plans, follow the steps below:


From the Home page, select "View a Directory of Existing Plans"



Click the  button, it will display the Cash Balance - Batch delete form



In the Cash Balance - Batch Delete form shows the parameters that you are going to use to filter the plans that will be deleted.



          Sponsor - displays the list of Sponsors


          User - displays the list of Users


          Delete By - filters your plans based on Date Modified or Date Created



          Start Date - Enter the start date that you would like to filter your plans


          End Date - Enter the end date that you would like to filter your plans



Click the  button to retrieve your plans


Click the   button to delete the plans.  A confirmation message will be displayed to proceed with the deletion of your plans.