What’s New in RPC Cash Balance?



April 1, 2021


Patch Update in Census page


In Employee Information record, added new options for Overrides in Match Contribution which applies to any Match (Regular Match or Safe Harbor Match) and Safe Harbor Contribution which applies to the Non-elective Safe Harbor. Go to Employee Information to learn more.




November 19, 2020


Batch Delete of Plans has been released!


Introducing our new facility to "Batch Delete" your plans based on your preferred parameters.  Learn more.



October 24, 2020


UPDATED:  2021 Dollar Limits have been released!



January 22, 2020


UPDATED: 2020 Funding Interest Segment Rates have been released!



December 03, 2019


Patch Update in User Profile


Added new facility to Reset your Security Question and Answer in User Profile page. Learn more.



October 28, 2019


Patch Update in Uploading of Census File


There was an issue in Census page wherein there are missing class codes when uploading a census file; this has been fixed.



October 17, 2019


UPDATED:  2020 Dollar Limits have been released!


UPDATED: 2020 Maximum Contribution for Cash Balance table has been released!


Added new facility to upload your census information directly from the RPC - Defined Contribution system. Learn more.



July 24, 2019


UPDATED:  2019 Compensation Table has been released.



May 8, 2019


Patch Update in Contribution Summary Chart Report, DC Plan Employer Contribution Report and Target Normal Cost Calculations



There was an error in Contribution Summary Chart Report wherein the legend shows incorrect descriptions; this has been fixed


In Non-Discrimination Testing Result, a warning message will be displayed when Employer Contribution exceeds the 25% limit


There was a bug in Target Normal Cost wherein it shows incorrect calculations; this has been corrected.



January 14, 2019


The Old Cash Balance will be decommissioned on Feb 1, 2019. Start using the New Cash Balance System for an enhanced uploading of census records and upgraded report calculations.


UPDATED: 2019 Maximum Contribution for Cash Balance table has been released!


UPDATED: 2019 Funding Interest Segment Rates have been released!



December 14, 2018


Patch Update in Cash Balance tab of Plan Specifications:


In Cash Balance tab of Plan Specifications, the default value for Combined Mortality Table has been changed to "Yes" option.




December 6, 2018


Patch Update in Target Normal Cost Report


There was a bug in Target Normal Cost Report whereby the value in Actuarial Equivalence formula shows incorrect calculations; this has been fixed.



October 22, 2018


UPDATED:  2019 Dollar Limits have been released!



July 23, 2018


The New Cash Balance System will be released very soon!


In the coming weeks we will be decommissioning the old Cash Balance website, you may start using the New Cash Balance System.


To access the New Cash Balance System, go to the Home page, click the "Upgrade New Cash Balance System" button. Learn more.




April 19, 2018


Patch Update in Owner Only Plan Analysis


There was a bug in Contribution Report Analysis wherein the Earned Income for Combination Cash Balance/401K shows incorrect calculations; this has been fixed.



December 1, 2017


UPDATED:  2018 Compensation Table has been released.



November 8, 2017


UPDATED:  2018 Dollar Limits have been released


UPDATED:  2018 Maximum Contribution for Cash Balance table has been released


Patch Update in Census page


In Census page, the incorrect display of columns when using Google Chrome has been fixed.



June 14, 2017


Patch Update in Census page and Employee Information record


In Census page and Employee information record, the classes are now arranged alphabetically. 



June 5, 2017


Patch Update in HCE Determination, Classes, Plan Provision and Contribution Reports


In Employee information, when "Owner?" was changed from "Yes" to "No" and click Save, it reverted to "Yes"


In the Census, updating an owner to have an Ownership Percent greater than 5% made the owner an HCE but any participants with the same Family Code were not flagged as HCEs


In Classes, the first three classes (A, B, and C) cannot be renamed or deleted; any class that is not applied to participants will be excluded from the Plan Provisions Report


In Plan Provision Report, the incorrect display of class percentage value has been fixed


In the Plan Contribution Report, the contribution pie chart now includes non-owner principal deferrals.



March 8, 2017


Patch Update for Non-Discrimination Testing Result


Issues in ABPT and Minimum Participation Reports when exporting to excel format have fixed.



January 19, 2017


Patch Update for Last Year Earnings and Segment Rate selection


Last Year Earnings will default to Current Year Earnings if left blank in the census


Segment rates will be automatically selected based on Plan Effective Date.



December 29, 2016


UPDATED:  2017 Dollar Limits have been released.



October 7, 2016


Patch Update in Owner Only Report Calculation


Owner Only age miscalculation has been corrected.



August 4, 2016


Help System in Classes, Census and Worksheet Reports have been published.



July 27, 2016


2016 Maximum Contribution for Cash Balance table has been released.



July 8, 2016


NEW Help Files (system documentation) have been published; just click on  (on the top menu).



June 15, 2016


NEW "Worksheet" for Rate Group Test has been released!!  - This tool is used to display and identify how many number of NHCE's needed to add to PASS this rate group test.  Learn more.



March 21, 2016


Patch Update for Rate Group Testing Report


Rate Group Testing sorting has been updated to correspond to the HCE and NHCE ratios for each group


Other bug fixes and improvements.



December 30, 2015


Patch Update for for 2016 Dollar Limits, Password Reset and New Worksheets on Minimum Allocation Gateway


Updated 2016 Dollar Limits have been released


Issue concerning "Forgot your password?" has been resolved


New Worksheet for Minimum Allocation Gateway


Other bug fixes and improvements.



August 12, 2015


Patch Update for Census Template Uploading and Exporting, ABPT Worksheet and Top Heavy Calculations


Several bugs in Average Benefits Percentage Test Worksheet and Top Heavy Calculations have been fixed


Enhanced Census template uploading and exporting includes formatting and data entry validations.



July 8, 2015


NEW "Worksheet" for Average Benefit Percentage Test -  Another powerful tool to optimize your test results, now for the Average Benefit Percentage Test.  Select the  button from the test results page for the new interactive test.  Make changes, see the results, and even apply your changes from this single Worksheet page.  Learn more.



March 30, 2015


NEW "Worksheet" for Minimum Participation Test -  Introducing a new tool to help you analyze and tweak the Minimum Participation Test Result.  We have replaced the  button next to the Minimum Participation Test with the button in Non-Discrimination Testing Result.  Click on it and you'll get the above worksheet.  Learn more.



March 25, 2015


NEW "Eligibility" options:


24 months for minimum service


Choose your own Plan Entry: Annual (PYB), Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, or Immediate.



March 9, 2015


NEW "Census Template" -  an enhanced census template that is designed to allow you to upload the same census file to both the RPC and RPC Cash Balance. If you subscribe to both RPC and RPC Cash Balance Systems, you can use the same Excel File and compare a Cash Balance proposal against a New Comparability proposal.


Note:  More extensive data validations have been added. Remember, when you're cutting from another excel file to this template, be sure to paste values only.  Do not include the formatting from the file you're copying from.



November 27, 2014


IMPROVED HCE/NHCE Override:  You can easily identify the overridden HCE/NHCE and calculated HCE/NHCE in Employee Lists


NEW "Top Heavy Test." A warning has been added whenever a Non-Key Employee has a Profit Sharing allocation of less than 5%.  This warning applies to Top Heavy Plans and most combination plans are Top Heavy.  (We assume that participants making $170,000 or more are Officers and therefore Key)


October 20, 2014


UPDATED:  Projected 2015 Dollar Limits are now in the system




oTesting Age - added a new field that will be used for Non-Discrimination testing if the 401(k)/PS Retirement Age is greater than the Retirement Age for the Cash Balance plan


IMPROVED Census Interface:  Employee Edit improved for easier adding and editing of participants


IMPROVED Test Results on Rate Group Test and ABPT Test.  Shows simplified status when Rate Group is Passed at 70% and when ABPT is N/A (Not Applicable).



September 15, 2014




oUpload your Logo - you can now upload your company logo, which will appear on the report cover pages and the owner only reports. Learn more.


oSearch plans by company name - an enhanced plan directory filter allows you to find your plans quickly and easily


oOption to include Owners' deferrals in Employer Cost - this new feature allows you to include the owners' deferral and catch-up contributions in the Employer Cost calculation. Learn more.




oSecurity Question - this replaces the "security code" to authenticate, validate and secure your information


oPassword Reset Notification - you will be notified by email when your password is reset


oCaptcha Challenge - mitigates malicious hacking attempts on your account


oImproved Password Encryption - an upgrade to our current password encryption for greater security.


ALL NEW Login Page - we’ve updated the login page with a brand new look and enhanced security and password reset utilities


IMPROVED Cash Balance User Interface -  our improved and simplified interface is more intuitive and user-friendly


IMPROVED Stability and System Performance  -  users will experience faster calculation and report generation, and encounter fewer errors.